Who Would Like to Live Forever?

Nobel Prize-winning research is yielding promising compounds for fighting the inevitability of aging at the most fundamental cellular level. Elle Magazine, August 2011

New Clues about Aging

Senescence can be caused by multiple pathways, but in the case of progerin, only the telomere shortening pathway seemed to trigger the production of this abnormal protein — contributing to an accelerated aging phenotype. Science Daily, June 2011

Caps on Chromosomes May Reveal Health Risks

No serious researchers are saying a telomere test will be some kind of crystal ball…Washington Post, May 2011

Telomere Nobelist: The New "Biological Age" Test

Q & A: What can we learn from commercial telomere length testing? New Scientist, May 2011

Telomere Diagnostics, Inc.: Telomere Length, Stress & Disease Risk

Wall Street Journal, March 2011

My, What Long Telomeres You Have

A simple test aims to tell patients how quickly they're aging. Scientific American, April 2011

Telomeres: The Aging Process Between Our Cells and Our Selves

Huffington Post, March 2011

Telomere Diagnostics launches with qPCR-Based Tool for Measuring Telomere Length

With some of the field's pre-eminent experts in telomere biology onboard, the startup is banking on recent scientific studies correlating the length of telomeres with health status. GenomeWeb, March 2011

Too Much Stress May Give Genes Grey Hair

New York Times, 2004


Bay Area Scientists Develop DNA Stress Test

The new test as important as knowing your cholesterol or blood pressure. KPIX (CBS 5) News May 2011

60 Minutes, CBS News: Aging — The Stress Factor

CBS reports on the landmark study by Dr. Epel et al., demonstrating how attitudes affect aging rates & DNA itself. Watch Video at CBS 60 Minutes


Commonwealth Club of California

Hear 3 of our founders in discussion with Thea Singer, author of Stress Less. Listen to podcast at Commonwealth Club of California



Stress Less: The New Science that Shows Women How to Rejuvenate the Body and the Mind by Thea Singer

Stress Less provides an excellent overview of THI's founders and the science of telomeres. Though the book is geared towards women, it has valuable information for everyone. Thea Singer has reported on science and health for The Nation, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post. Stress Less was included by the Wall Street Journal as one of its "Top 5 Picks for Wellness Reading" in 2010. Learn more about Stress Less.